Influencers and reality stars with Onlyfans in the UK

Onlyfans is a huge and well-known platform all around the world, and we’re pretty confident when we say that fact probably hasn’t passed a lot of people. A platform that is not limited to but is mostly used by adult creators and performers to sell their content to people interested in buying it. There are, in fact, a lot of different Onlyfans creators – they might be known in your country for being in a reality show, or they are big actors, singers, or have a big following on social media platforms such as Instagram or YouTube, or they might not be known at all. Some of the creators actually choose to be anonymous and not show their faces. Today we’re listing influencers with Onlyfans, and specifically UK influencers with onlyfans.

Maybe you’ve thought about starting an Onlyfans? Or maybe you’ve thought about subscribing to someone’s page, free of charge or for a monthly fee? It might not only be the person in your class or your friend who has an Onlyfans account, but in fact, there are also a lot of UK influencers with Onlyfans. If you’re curious about who that influencer is, we’re here to give you all that information handed on a silver plate.

So without further ado, let’s dig right into it because we know how time-consuming it can be trying to find someone with your preferences. Even harder might be to find an influencer on Onlyfans, as there are so many accounts to skim through before you actually find what/who you’re looking for.

Reality stars with Onlyfans in the UK

  1. Lauren Goodger is a reality star with onlyfans from the UK. She is 35 years old, born in London, and is known for being on the shows The Only Way is Essex and Celebrity Big Brother. Today she is an influencer on the social media platform Instagram with 786 thousand followers. In 2020 she shared her offer with her followers as she started her agency – “Ever thought about starting an OnlyFans? Drop Lauren Goodger Agency a message. I will promote and help build your account”, she said to the newspaper DailyMail. Her monthly fee is today $50, whereas she also is offering discounts from time to time if you choose to subscribe for a longer time.
    UK reality star with onlyfans Lauren Goodger
  2. Katie Salmon, another UK influencer with onlyfans, primarily known for 2016’s season of the reality show Love Island is a 26-year-old from Liverpool. She is also known as a former glamour model and reality star. Today she is not only offering exclusive content on one but two Onlyfans accounts. One where she in her bio claims to be offering solo content and content together with her celebrity girlfriends, and the other is a couple’s account that she runs together with her fiancee. One of those pages is free to subscribe to, and the latter costs $20/month.
    UK Influenser onlyfans Lauren Rose Goodger
  3. Chloe Khan is a UK Instagram influencer with Onlyfans. She was 2010 a participant in X-factor and became after that an influencer on Instagram with over 2 million followers. Her Onlyfans account is free of charge.
    UK Influencer Chloe Khan Onlyfans
  4. Love Islands star Adam Collard is a male influencer with Onlyfans, which you need to check out if you’re interested in guys! He charges $7.99 per month and writes in his Onlyfans profile “everything about me,” but according to sources, he created the account as part of a drive to get more celebrity fitness content on the site.
    Love Island Reality Star Adam Collards Onlyfans

British Singers with Onlyfans

  1. British singer Kerry Katona reportedly started her Onlyfans page being bankrupt. According to an interview she did with The Mirror, she again started earning money from subscribers, mainly with foot fetishes. She says to the newspaper she’s earning tens of thousands a month from people who are interested in seeing her bare feet. The usual monthly subscription rate on her account is $24,99 if she’s not offering discounts.
    British Singer Kerry Katonas Onlyfans

UK Actresses with Onlyfans

  1. Sarah Jayne Dunn, the English actor, is known for Hollyoaks, from which she got released in 2021 after signing up to Onlyfans and her content getting leaked. Today it’s her only source of income, and she’s posted on her Instagram with 224 thousand followers about what she calls “interesting” while telling them about two different photos that were taken four years apart.
    She writes: ‘The first photo: Arranged by someone else for a National publication, style of shoot decided by someone else, any editing/photoshop done without my approval, copyright of the image (of me) owned by someone else, exclusive interview as the agreement of shoot, no financial benefit to myself (but usually payment is made in this type of agreement). The control, power, and decisions are in someone else’s hands.
    ‘The second photo: Taken by me for my OnlyFans platform, choice of image decided by me, zero editing or photoshop, copyright of image owned by me, despite no interview necessary for this particular shot when I do interviews now it’s because I want to, financial gains controlled by me and go to me. The control, power, and decisions made by me.’
    She’s taking back control and is offering her own content for the monthly cost of $14,99 per month.
    UK Influencer Sarah Jayne Dunn's onlyfans

Influencers from the UK with Onlyfans

  1. Lottie Moss, 23-years old from London, half-sister with the famous model Kate Moss, is making money from her Onlyfans account. The Sun writes in their article that after her sexy photos were leaked by a former friend, Lottie made her account free to subscribe to. Instead, she offers extra material for pay-per-views, and you can also become a VIP member, which gives you access to free unlimited chat, VIP content, and custom requests, and she’ll even rate your manhood for that.
    Influencer Lottie Moss's Onlyfans

To finish this blog post, we want to tell you about what some may think is a somewhat controversial topic. Instagram influencer Carla Bellucci with 131k followers, said in an interview last year with the newspaper 7news, that she was thinking of letting people see her give birth for a certain amount of money. This would if so be happening on a live stream on her UK Onlyfans account. The idea grew after one of her followers offered her close to $14,000 if she did.

Whether you are reading this thinking it’s morally right or wrong, Bellucci’s argument is that it’s too much money to refuse. As this was last year, we don’t know if she actually did it or not, there’s really only one way of finding out.

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